Networking and communication solutions by BT

BT is one of the largest communication and networking solution provider that operates in more than 170 countries all over the globe. BT provides local and international services to its customers.

Science and technology especially communication technology has been revolutionized for the last couple of years and now a reliable and fast internet connection is a must have commodity for small businesses. BT is the world’s leading networking and communication solution provider that offer its services in more than 170 countries. It has been operating in the USA and Canada for more than 30 years and has offices in 16 cities.

The core philosophy of this company is quite simple; they help businesses to be more productive, organizations and management to be more efficient and make your customers and clients happier. By providing network solutions with an element of security and reliability, BT makes sure your business operates freely while remaining secured.

What small business networks need?

BT provides services and solutions in a number of areas; their networking solutions are designed for all types and sizes of business. Their services combined with Cisco’s state-of-the-art equipments and technologies like Cisco Switches deliver excellent performance to your company. Cisco provides solutions that allow businesses to operate easily and at the same time it allows them to grow and expand their portfolio. Small business network solutions are not just about reducing the cost of the processes but it makes sure the reliability, scalability and security of the system.

Cisco’s network solutions are well known for their flexibility; it means the company and its amazing products allow you to expand your business without worrying about the costs. It allows you to add new applications dynamically according to your growth. It also helps you keep ahead of your competition by making sure you are using the latest technologies and equipments.

What small businesses need” is quite a debatable question as it depends on the nature of the business itself as well as on the market. However there are few things that remain the same; small businesses need cost efficient solutions, they need effective communication, they need manageable networks, they need to be prepared for the future in order to keep themselves ahead of their competitors, they needs accessible network so they can retrieve the data whenever they want and they need secured networks to operate confidently.


How to deal with networking issues as a small business owner?

Small business owners know networking related issues are of the worst nature because of their cost, complexity, scalability and more importantly because of the skills required.

Today businesses rely on technology, computing, global connectivity and particularly the reliability of this system combined. ITC InfoTech is a reputable company that provides IT services in many different fields and industries. It mainly focuses on hospitality industry, manufacturing, retails and banking. If you run a business that is directly related to the IT then you definitely have the idea the networking related issues are the worst nightmares of any manager.

Networking related issues are not only expensive but also complex and you need professionals to solve those issues. On the other hand, scalability and reliability of the systems is also a challenge. ITC InfoTech is a global leader in SAP services and they offer services like ERP, testing, quality consulting, network and IT solutions as well as application management services.

Cisco network solutions for small businesses

Cisco which is the global leader in network technologies, innovation and equipment also provides networking solutions for small businesses. The company manufactures special networking equipments like Cisco Switches and Cisco Routers for small businesses. These technologies provide big benefits to small sized companies because of their cost efficiency, flexibility and productivity. Additionally these solutions come with improved security that a small business needs, customer service that is a must and agility that is required in today’s global market.

The main reason behind these network solutions for small businesses is to provide networking technologies according to the budget and requirements of growing companies in emerging markets. These networking equipments connect networking devices like computers or other devices on the same network or on different networks. Small companies can easily add new applications to their existing network and that attribute fulfill their needs of scalability quite effectively.

Of course networking solutions for small businesses is not just about the cost efficiency but these technologies must deal with the current requirements of businesses that include exchange of information and data securely. ITC InfoTech with the help of Cisco technologies and network solutions offer many features and benefits to small to medium sized companies so you can work from anywhere and anytime using technologies like VPN by controlling the entire process from top to bottom.

Benefits of Cisco networking solutions and services

Cisco is the world’s leading networking solution, services and equipment providers that design and build tools for big corporations as well as for small to midsized businesses too.

Cisco which is the leading network equipment manufacturer and networking solution providers also support small and midsized businesses. The company develops technologies exclusively for smaller companies in order to fulfill their networking needs. These networking solutions which are designed and developed by keeping the small networks and small businesses in mind allow companies to keep their employees connected all the time that ultimately increases their productivity.

The company also manufactures specialized networking equipments for small to midsized companies; for example Cisco makes managed and unmanaged Cisco Switches and Cisco Routers. The difference between these two types is pretty simple and straightforward. Unmanaged switches and routers are pre-configured and you don’t need to configure them and you don’t even need professional help to install them. It means you can buy these equipments according to your preferences and needs.

On the other hand, managed switches and routers need configuration and of course you need professional help to do that. Managed switches have more features and flexibility but they are not as easy to manage as their counterpart and more importantly they tend to be expensive. Larger organizations and corporations use managed switches and routers because of their business need but as a small business owner or manager, you can work with unmanaged equipments.


Benefits of networking solutions for small businesses

The best thing about these specialized solutions for small businesses is their flexibility; you don’t need expensive upgrades as you can add new equipment as needed. It means these solutions are cost efficient in terms of hardware. Additionally, these are easy manageable and you can add, remove and change current users without any professional help. Although networking solutions for small businesses are cost efficient, these are still secure and provide security against all kind of threats that a small business can experience.

Switches connect multiple systems and compatible devices with each other so they can share information and talk to each other. By using equipments effectively you can share resources like printers, which is an additional benefit of it. Routers allow users to connect multiple networks so they can share data and information with each other without compromising the security.


Small Business Network: What are the essentials?

Thanks to the technology and innovation, it is now easier than ever to set up a small business computer network and even do maintenance of that network without disrupting your budget.

There are virtually countless reasons to have a reliable company network and there are lots of benefits of using a fast, secured and scalable network. Networking allows you to share the information and data to all departments of the company regardless of their physical distances. Ciber is a well known name in IT industry and this particular company is popular for its unique core philosophy that is about business strategies and solutions according to the size of the business.

Unlike most of the similar companies, Ciber focuses on small and midsized companies and provide them IT solutions based on their requirements, potential, scale and most important budget. Some of the services they provide are IT consulting, networking consulting and network solutions, ERP, HCM and CRM, business intelligence, QA testing, IT outsourcing that fulfills your day-to-day needs and managed IT services.

Optimize company network according to the needs

Ciber and Cisco encourages employers and managers to adopt technologies and innovations that are designed and built exclusively for small businesses. These network solutions are not only fulfill all the needs and requirements of a company network but they are also cost efficient and secured. One of the most common question managers ask is should I go wireless or wired?

Interestingly, the wireless network may sound cool but both of these systems have their advantages, disadvantages and limitations. Wired network comes with lots of cables running around and it is not as scalable as the wireless network but when it comes to reliability and overall cost, it’s a clear winner. Cisco switches and routers that are designed for wired networks are way more cost friendly than their counterparts built for the wireless network.

Other than that, wired networks tend to be speedier than the wireless system. Of course you can implement latest wireless technology in order to get the higher performance but that puts significant impact on the overall cost of the system. On the other hand, wireless networks have many advantages; these are highly scalable, easily manageable and offer portability as well as mobility that increase the overall productivity, not to mention there would be no annoying cable running around.

IT Consulting and Managed IT Services by Network Solutions

IT Consulting and Managed IT Services by Network Solutions

Network Solutions is a well known company that has help thousands of clients in last couple of years to find IT solutions regarding networking and other IT related services.

If you are going through a tough time because of the IT related changes your company has to implement and you don’t know anyone who is not only reliable and trustable but also cost efficient then Network Solutions could be the one you are looking for. For example Microsoft has discontinued support for one of its most popular OS Microsoft Windows Server 2003 that means this particular operating system is no longer secured.

It also means you could be forced by the law to upgrade your hardware and software depending on your company’s nature. If your company falls under HIPAA Compliance then there is no way you can operate with outdated software like Windows Server 2003. This is just a simple example as software could be easily upgraded if you have the compatible hardware but some other IT solutions like network solutions are not that easy to implement.

Network Solutions is a well known name in the industry as this particular company is known for delivering IT services and solutions with superior support and at reasonable prices. Network Solutions provides almost every service that your company might need; that includes troubleshooting and IT problem solving, hardware installation, maintenance and support, on-site support, security solutions, server installation and networking solutions like installation of networking equipment like Cisco Switches.

Are there different types of switches?

In case you are wondering what type of networking equipment your company needs, there are usually two main types of switches; managed switches and unmanaged switches. Managed switches allow users to access their internal program and configure them according to their requirements and preferred configurations; although this type of switches is relatively expensive but they offer flexibility over your network traffic.

The other type of switches is called unmanaged and as the name suggests this type does not allow users to make changes and they work out of the box. Most of the home networking equipments and switches are unmanaged because an average person has no idea how to configure these things and how to change their default behavior. However, on organizational and corporate level, managed switches and networking equipments are preferred.

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